Monday, July 20, 2009

"I want to write it across the sky, and carve it in every tree."

Today marks the one year anniversary of our wedding. It's so hard to believe that is has only been one year. It feels like we have been together our whole lives. I think that's how it feels when you have met and fallen in love with your soul mate. I was so nervous the day of our wedding. I remember how I felt when I walked down the stairs and saw my two Dad's waiting for me at the foot of the steps. I was overwhelmed with joy and pride. I could hear the song Ave Maria playing as the best friends and most important women in my life were walking down to take their places along side my love. And then our song started to play. I literally took FOREVER picking out our wedding play list. I wanted songs that were beautiful and ones that captured what I was feeling. I could feel my heart beating so hard in my chest when the doors opened and I saw the aisle before me. I thought 'Wow! This is it! This is the moment I have waited for my whole life' and then I thought 'hey Dads, you guys are walking too fast!' so I pulled them back a little and slowed the pace....I wasn't trying to rush through this! I remember thinking that Joe looked soooo handsome standing up there. I couldn't believe that this man was my future! Immediately after I was given away, and took Joe's hand, everyone else in the room faded away. All I could see was him. I must admit, at one point I was wondering if he thought I looked like a beautiful bride. Then when it was time to say our vows I felt so happy that God was there to hear our pledges to each other. I love this man with all my heart and soul. I love him for everything that he is. I love him for his amazing mind. He is truly brilliant! I love him for his amazing capacity for any and all information. Don't EVER challenge this one to a game of Trivial Pursuit....he'll whoop up on you! I love that he has such a strong will and he has more inner strength than any human soul could ever contain. He amazes me every day. He will do anything for our family. He is a perfection seeker and I feel so blessed that I am his wife. The Lord has so many wonderful plans for him and for our family. I can't wait to see what the future holds for us. I know that there is no obstacle too big for us. We are strong in love, we are strong in the Lord, and we are strong in each other. I attached a video my uncle made for us from the wedding. It was such a special gift because it is the only video we have of that beautiful day. Enjoy!

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